Safe drinking water for forest staff and wildlife of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and essential field gear handover

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, 2nd of February 2024, two solar-powered bore wells were handed over and 150 essential field gear kits were provided to the forest frontline staff in the presence of Shri. Lalit Verma, IFS, APCCF, CCF & Director Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR), Shri Rengraju T, IFS, Deputy Director Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Radhika Bhagat, Founder & CEO, Sacred Earth Trust (SET) and other officials from SET and the DTR.

The above project was implemented by Sacred Earth Trust in collaboration with Dudhwa Tiger Reserve with support from RJ Foundation & Varun Beverages Limited as a CSR initiative. Over 150 frontline staff of the forest department and representatives from Sacred Earth Trust attended the event.

“Dudhwa is home to endangered species such as the One-horned Rhino, Tiger, and elephant. Despite harsh field conditions, the forest staff risk their lives facing wildlife and well-armed poachers to protect the country’s forests and wildlife. These watchers travel considerable distances on foot daily on patrols, collect wildlife data, monitor camera traps and watering holes, and watch out for signs of human-animal conflict.  This basic field equipment kit would help them conduct their duties more effectively” said Radhika Bhagat, Founder & CEO, Sacred Earth Trust.

The field kits provided comprised of 2-way winter jackets, caps, and rechargeable torches

The Borewells were the need of the hour as they will access to clean drinking water not just to the staff of South Sonaripur Range but also to the forest department elephants and the wildlife of the area.

Shri. Lalit Verma, IFS, APCCF, CCF & Director Dudhwa Tiger Reserve said “Water from the borwells will also be released into waterholes and taals to ensure water levels are maintained during peak summer months and prevent wild animals from straying in search of water.”

“Varun Beverages Limited and RJ Foundation are thrilled to be part of a transformative CSR initiative with Sacred Earth Trust in collaboration with Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. We extend our gratitude to all involved in this impactful project, and we look forward to continued partnerships that contribute to the well-being of people, wildlife and the planet. “

The water table in many regions of Uttar Pradesh is contaminated by harmful heavy metals and arsenic, often several times higher than the permissible limit. This contamination can lead to diseases like skin lesions, skin cancer, bladder, lungs, and cardiovascular diseases.

In March, Sacred Earth Trust in collaboration with Amrita University, Kerala will be organizing the first of its kind, Forest Karma Yogi Training Program in Dudhwa National Park for the holistic development of forest frontline staff. This workshop is being organized with the support of Wildlife Trust of India and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Arsenic concentration in groundwater in Uttar Pradesh


About Sacred Earth Trust 

Sacred Earth Trust is a non-profit charitable organization working to protect key species and habitats through the revival of eco-spirituality, values relating to inter-connectedness with nature, and social reform. They believe there is a spiritual dimension to our present ecological crisis, therefore, the work they do is rooted in the principles of spiritual ecology which acknowledges the spiritual facet of all issues related to conservation, environmentalism, and earth stewardship. They believe an awareness of this connection is essential for people to come together and take action to save our planet. Their focus areas include Sacred grove conservation, reconnecting people to nature by raising human consciousness and habitat restoration.

RJ Foundation

RJ Foundation is a CSR wing of RJ Corp Group which has brought the best international brands specializing in the food & beverages industries into India through Varun Beverages Limited (second largest franchisee of PepsiCo in the world (outside US)) and Devyani International Limited (largest franchisee of Yum Brands in India). Their CSR initiatives promote education, environmental sustainability, rural development across different sections of the society. Through their CSR initiatives, they intend to make a positive difference in society and contribute towards social betterment, especially in the areas in which they operate.

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