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Spiritual Mountains

Looking up at a mountain can be an awe inspiring moment as they tower upon us – lofty, majestic, and grand. These are often considered pathways to reach God, literally like a stairway to heaven and a gateway to reach the Supreme.

Mountains stand strong and brave against all vagaries of the natural elements. Despite that, they are always persevering and teaching  us equanimity, especially during adverse conditions. It is not difficult to believe that every climb up a mountain can be considered a step towards spiritual growth.

People looking to take a break from the mundane and dross often feel the urge to scale tall peaks in search of an alternate dimension. Therefore, a mountain is symbolic of life itself.

Even though the peak of the mountain is almost always visible, it is only after thousands of single steps that one can reach the peak. This just goes to show that if one is looking for the Supreme, there needs to be disciplined steps taken with persistence and tenacity. According to several religious texts, a person does not always need a Teacher in a human form for self-development. Often, one can find teachers right in nature itself.

When looking at mountains from a spiritual perspective, we can associate them with consistency, inspiration, discipline, and beating obstacles. They also represent progress, spiritual awakening, and mental strength. This is mainly due to the fact that mountains are often difficult to climb. Irrespective of that, people push against themselves to aim for the ultimate goal, much like how we live life.

Several cultures in the world associate mountains with the divine Supreme considering that their peaks reach the heavens above. As a result, they are also considered a bridge between Earth and Sky. For instance, Mt. Everest in Nepal is called “Mother Goddess of the World”. It is because of these reasons that most pilgrimage sites are found on top of mountains. Just by being near a mountain, one can experience personal transformations and a connection with a Higher Self.

Mountains are among the most peculiar creations of Mother Nature. They contain in themselves information about the history of the world, something important to human beings. In other words, it can be said that they contain the wisdom of the Earth in themselves. It is also assumed that they impact the balance of the world, much similar to their effect on our spiritual mindsets. Just by being near a mountain, one can start to feel a sense of calm and peace. This state of inner balance, especially during a turmoil is termed as Equanimity.

A mountain endures sun, wind, rain, and snow without bothering what the weather is like. In other words, no matter what is happening around it, a mountain remains a mountain.

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